Archinal Farm's

ABN: 61 248 106 355


Our Philosophy:

There is no profit in killing the goose that lays the golden egg. We do not believe in sacrificing the health of our soils, air, water and animals to make a quick buck. We look after these things and they, in turn, look after us. Our own health benefits when our environment and its products are healthy. At Archinal Farms, we ensure our animals have lush, green, fresh pastures daily. They enjoy stress-free living conditions with access to sun, shelter and fresh, clean water. Water troughs mean the animals roam freely and relaxed within the pasture rather than having to drink on the riverbank. This prevents erosion of the riverbank and contamination of the water whilst providing organic fertiliser for the paddocks. We use horses to muster as we find the noise from motorbikes is too stressful for both the animals and ourselves. As a family business, we directly benefit on a daily basis from our naturally-grown produce of beef, lamb, chickens, potatoes, pumpkins, other assorted vegetables and fruits, and also nuts and eggs. We know we are blessed to be able to provide such healthy food for our own children.

Our Production Method:

Based on the work of Alan Savory, we use an "Holistic Management" approach to our farm and community. We use more than an "environmentally-friendly" approach to farming. We use methods that are not only "sustainable" but are regenerative. By moving the cattle daily, pests and diseases are largely avoided thus few treatments are used or needed to keep our cattle healthy. A "mineral lick" is provided to maintain the individual health of each animal; curiously the cattle only consume the lick when the pasture of a particular paddock is a bit low in a certain mineral - it is a "help yourself" system.


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